Yacht Protection

09 Ago. 18

In terms of yacht protection, not only is the insurance policy an important element, the policies require a minimum of compliance that seeks the act of good faith of the insured…

Yacht Fire

20 Lug. 18

When you have a fire on the yacht or in the marina, what we usually ask ourselves first is what was the cause. In addition to being an unfortunate loss, the risk of loss of life becomes an even more worrying case…

Yacht Survey

09 Ago. 18

Yacht inspection is an art that integrates several elements to consider, the methodology we employ is part of a passion we have for the registration we make for boats…

When Buying Used Yachts

27 Set. 2018

When you want to buy a yacht, small, medium, large, you alone, in partnership with some friends, for fishing, for family, for both…

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