Technical Administration Of Yachts

Technical Administration Of Yachts

Over the years, we have built a good experience based on passion and commitment to our projects and clients to create a new way to provide the best information, evidence and support to reinforce and clarify the criteria and recognize the actors involved; in the processes that carry the ownership and administrative management of a yacht, as well as the relationship with the parties that interact with it, such as the marina, insurer, suppliers, other vessels (sinister case / marine neighbors) and authorities.

We have worked with various standards that have allowed us to filter the best philosophy and forge a solid criteria for the creation of reports and management in addition to the recommended information base, commonly used by the international associations of Yacht Survey.

With more than 10 years of experience in the technical administration of yachts of various sizes, we focus on the performance and operability of the equipment of each ship in order to achieve their availability and ability to operate with their respective supports in an orderly manner, preserving their value and record of the client’s efforts as a good parent.


PMA: “Preventive Maintenance Agreement”

It is an Agreement that establishes control over the yacht’s expenses by managing a client’s maintenance budget and its approval. It includes monitoring and defending your interests in order to preserve the good condition of the ship. Delivers a monthly Survey type report with a photographic sample of the work carried out for its registration, control-proof of expenses and support for the insurer as proof of its good condition, condition and intention of care of the owner.

It includes advice to the client for the yacht and its activities.

  • Monitoring and control of the mtos. Preventive and corrective actions according to equipment manufacturer
  • Protection and vigilance of guarantees
  • Estimate and budget control for yachts (custom per client)
  • Monthly pma survey type report

This service has the versatility of adapting to the client’s budget, providing improvements through cost management that are carried out and documented to achieve the scope of service in compliance and acceptance coverage for the vessel’s insurance policy.

Our service offers a wide scope in terms of advice and representation for the various cases that concern the yacht, including:

  • General Consulting Services for the management and administrative control of Yachts
  • Insurance Policy Claim (Retaining parameters of the insurer)
  • Handling of General Claims according to Cause
  • Investigation of Cause – Origin
  • Inspection Report Conceptual Type / Graphic according to international standards.
  • Technical Applications (Use of special equipment and services)
  • Protection of Evidence and Conservation of Due Process (Investigation / Claim)
  • Advice to the Legal Body for major damage claims processes

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