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Jesus A. Godoy Zabaleta

Director / Surveyor MWS INT. S.A.

As a Professional in NAVAL SCIENCES and Surveyor in particular, I have worked and related to the maritime industry for 19 years being part of my higher studies and fundamental pillar in my professional training process as an officer of the Navy of the National Navy Republic of Colombia (Colombian Navy).

I have participated with other inspector officers in merchant ships for cases of statutory inspections that allowed me to know all the international standards for evaluation and measurements, investigation, processes and forensic methods to determine the origin of the cause of accidents and maritime events.

I have also obtained certification for IMO SOLAS regulations. (1206/1392), for LSA certifications in IACS, manufacturer and flags as an authorized service to cover areas such as the Caribbean, Central America, Colombia and South America. Also related to the warehouse and yacht manufacturing workshop of Hatteras Yachts Llc. in New Bern, North Carolina, USA UU., In 2010 to understand the basic compounds and structural concepts in the construction of yachts. Lloyd Register Surveyor statutory trained.

Javier Guerrero

Operation Supervisor – Panama City, Panama

Professional in Maritime Management and Port Operations, with 10 years of experience in different branches of the maritime sector. I have had the opportunity to manage in the logistics sector of cargo agency, everything related to import & export, transfers, port handling, customs process, among others.

I have been in charge of projects such as create a ship Chandler department In 2012 (ship supply), an Agency of merchant ships witth opertions in both Panama sides, operating at ports, transit and anchorage areas within the republic.

In 2014 I had the joy of entering the yacht services, provision, inspections and administration sector, which is very extensive and has allowed me to learn in all the aspects that this entails, from the configuration of the different systems of a yacht, on its structural part, up to the legal regulations on insurance, authorities, etc. All of the aforementioned with a rigorous registration and documentary compilation process, which has become one of our greatest strengths. One point in which we have focused more expertly in the field of damage and claims inspection and investigation, whether from our clients, insurers and adjusters depending on the scenario.

Position Marbella, Plaza La Florida,
Segundo nivel, Local 114, Panamá

Telephone +507 69 31 0118

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