When Buying Used Yachts

When Buying Used Yachts

27 Sep. 18

When you want to buy a yacht, small, medium, large, you alone, in partnership with some friends, for fishing, for family, for both… there are considerations that I always recommend that make the purchase an investment, in my opinion, appropriate and intelligent.

It is important to be clear about certain aspects of what it means to have a yacht:

Purpose of Use (Personal, Friends, Fishing, Family, Commercial)

The use that will be given to the bottle will determine the budget, type of bottle and, consequently, the size. 

Yacht values may vary depending on:

  • Market condition (People selling yachts / Market demand )
  • Offer and Demand of options (Newer designs cheaper Vs Old bigger)
  • Yacht auction, quick sale for an upgrade or damage received.

Associated costs (Marina, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance, Captain, Marines if applicable)

It is not enough to know that having a boat carries expenses, in fact much of it depends on good advice and maintaining an organization in control of them. The good maintenance of the equipment according to an execution plan that is supervised with responsibility and technical knowledge, must reduce annual maintenance costs, as well as the prudent use of the yacht, that is, neither too much nor too little, since that extremes have to increase spending for both cases.

Culture of Use and Consumption on Board (Capacities of my boat)

Sell the yacht because this does not work! It must be a common phrase when any of its services or equipment does not work, this has 80% predictable causes, leaving 20% to the luck of the sea. Part of an intelligent and the adequate purchase goes hand in hand with the analysis of the capabilities and services that the yacht has in scope to deliver, using it being mature and understanding of those scopes will order our being on the boat. Not exceeding the boat or overloading its services will protect its performance, including:

  • Prudent use of current (Not several devices at the same time)  
  • Rationalization of freshwater consumption (Do not waste the produced water)
  • Proper use of services (no paper in the toilet)
  • Prudent Navigation (Review of area recommendations and alerts)
  • Good behavior on board (especially for liquor consumption, handling of children and older adults).
  • Conservation of Security measures for healthy fun
  • I respect and listen to the Captain.

All these factors, well-reviewed, must yield the prototype of the vessel that is being sought. There are very profitable alternatives in the market when it is clear what is needed, what is wanted and what can be done.

At Maritime Works, we have focused precisely on covering the technical-administrative management of the yacht in order to achieve the conservation of two main factors:

  1. The good condition and Care of the Ship for its availability
  2. Control, protection and optimization of your costs

We achieve this through permanent contact and visit to the yacht and cooperation with the owner and/or assigned personnel. In compliance with a monthly, semi-annual and annual documentation that we deliver to the owner with a photographic record of the activities, which point to:

  • Maintenance memory maintenance
  • Owner control of your investments
  • Support at the time of Sale / Defense of Policy

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