Yacht Fire

Yacht Fire

20 Lug 2018

When you have a fire on the yacht or in the marina, what we usually ask ourselves first is what was the cause. In addition to being an unfortunate loss, the risk of loss of life becomes an even more worrying case. Among the options of the cause, the electrical elements would occupy the first place, the reception of electrical overload by lightning, the controversial overloads in the dock, the poor control of currents on board, the omissions in maintenance of the yacht equipment and human failure, are some of the elements to evaluate. Fuel and gas leaks are also available, which can complete the fire triangle. Little is known about the existence or not of a study carried out based on these that can determine the procedures to be followed, but it is true if these events carry with them from the loss of millions of dollars to fatalities. Up to $ 50MM could be lost in a dock fire if we value the sum of damages of 7 yachts with measures between 45 and 70 feet. That’s not to mention damage to docks and port facilities.

The study procedure that determines the causes of the fire must be based on a field investigation methodology that allows the identification of test elements whose sequential order in time of the facts allows to build the bases of the hypotheses for their confirmation, or not, of the same, also to clarify, with evidence, what they indicate to be able to deduce the possible root cause of the incident. These field tests are obtained by complying with an investigative methodology whose procedural order preserves the care for obtaining, handling, laboratory tests, and documentary registration. The alternation or breach of any of the parts of the methodology that is used, will end up discrediting the veracity of the process as well as its final deductions. The final report should not be exclusive of any possibility of origin of the claim unless due to forcefulness and irrevocable proof, it is known. In any case, it should identify what was found in the investigative process to propose possible hypotheses. The results of the investigations must be accompanied by specialist assessments of specific subjects that require their suitability for sustained assessment criteria. Finally, the disposal of materials, waste, access, and permits must be guarded by the affected people and / or at the disposal of the relevant instance assigned by the authority or insurer in custody and guarantee of their conservation for investigative and expert effects…

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