Yacht Protection

Yacht Protection

09 Ago 2018

In terms of yacht protection, not only is the insurance policy an important element, the policies require a minimum of compliance that seeks the act of good faith of the insured as well as reducing the risks to which a ship is commonly subject. Over time I have noticed that not only the insurance processes are a bit complex for those who do not have a yacht as the only element of care, commonly, but its owners are also people whose occupation is far from paying close attention to the yacht sometimes. The secretary is the person who in the first instance manages the values and investments of the ship in conjunction with the captain, both are unaware of the other edges to which the ship is the subject in terms of compliance, protection, and valuation of it.

Within the valuation of the yacht, its protection against depreciation by time is a challenge that is usually unknown by the captain, the secretary and on many occasions by the owner himself. So we devised a solution that intermediates in that space, which comes to find its validity in two crucial moments, when you are going to buy or sell the boat or when you have damage due to a partial or total loss. The record we make of the maintenance of the yacht is a document that complies with the international standards of inspection of small boats and that is well accepted by the insurers in order to achieve with it the direct understanding and registration of the policy of care and protection of the yacht by its owner. As for the latter, it is a historical record of a family asset.

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