Yacht Services

Yacht Services

Yacht Inspection

Over time, we have obtained accumulated experiences for each case and its variables, so that we have developed presentation and analysis modalities of the cases that conserve the approvals of national and international insurance companies in a reliable and effective way. Our inspections are accepted by insurance companies and maintain the parameters and protocols required by them.

Types of inspection

  • Damage Inspection
  • Pre-Inspection for Purchase & Inspection for Insurance
  • Condition Inspection
  • Appraisal
  • Limited Scope Survey

Damage Inspection

Damage to a yacht is not always caused by a third party, it applies according to the circumstances of the event, they can be due to:

  • Own causes
  • Caused by Third Parties
  • Natural Events
  • According to type of Policy

At the time of the yacht’s accident / damage, there is a procedure that must be carried out keeping correct times, ranges and estimates to get an adequate presentation to the insurance company or in agreement with the other party involved. Our damage inspection includes technical advice that takes into account aspects of the norm, rules and policies involved.

We have successfully attended insurance claims supporting the affected client and also the Insurance company for:

  • Lightning Strikes on yachts / Electrical Damages
  • Fire Damages (Partially & Total Loss)
  • Sink (Partially & Total Loss)
  • Collision
  • Vandalism

Pre-Inspection for Purchase & Inspection for Insurance.

Prior to the purchase or sale of a yacht. This inspection verifies the condition of the yacht for its assessment, takes into account factors that determine the real value of the ship and its average market price, as well as other aspects that the buyer wishes to know, such as the state and functionality of its systems, equipment and operational performance of the yacht. This inspection is also used as a proof base for the yacht’s insurance.

Sea Trial (Yacht Performance and Equipment Performance).

For any type of cause, be it for the purchase, determination of the ship’s condition, assurance or certification of its abilities, the sea trial constitutes an live and important important measure of the performance of the ship’s systems and equipment. During this test the behavior and performance of the yacht are identified under specific operating commands, engineering systems and deck are tested.

Full Condition Inspection

Inspection commonly required to identify the final state of a boat after a repair or improvement. It also applies as requested by the client for commercial purposes or required on some occasions by the insurers in a preventive way. Applies when the boat performs its work in the shipyard, annually or each longer period according to the maintenance plan.


  • Annual maintenance service in shipyard
  • Demonstrate ship capabilities and functions
  • Identify evaluative elements of the ship in comparison for improvements and / or changes made.

Limited Scope Inspection

It consists of the inspection of specific areas, systems, mechanisms or elements and conditions of the ship. It involves the use of detailed reviews that may include the use of special equipment, systems and technologies to determine specific conditions and states.

Among them:

  • Hull Condition
    • Permeability / Average Humidity by Area
    • Hull Afectations
  • Systems Condition
    • Machines and Equipment
    • Auxiliaries and Support
  • Performance and Displacement
    • Sea Trial
    • Performance of efforts and readings

This inspection provides a specialized reading on the element to be evaluated in order to know in detail its condition and particular performance.

Special services

Forensic Claims Investigation (Special)

According to the type of damage and the detailed requirement of its cause, either by the interested party or the insurance company, the development of an adequate investigation that conserves the methodologies and study techniques are essential elements for the identification and testing of hypotheses and causal of damages. This is a special inspection that involves an investigation, the application of specific technical knowledge with disciplines certified and internationally recognized by the authorities and insurers according to the applied techniques.

Risk Assessment and Advice

It applies to special requirements where advice based on comparative criteria is essential, it applies to:

  • Risk Assessment and Advice on improvements to spaces and marinas
  • Valuation for insurance companies
  • Status and condition of new maritime facilities (Marinas / Shipyards) (PBIP)
  • Risk assessment for pleasure boats (Travel and Route Plans / New Home)

Project Consulting


1. Purchase of New Yacht

At the time of carrying out a project, you want to know its scope in economic, operational and logistical terms, to have knowledge of its compliance and the return on your investment, especially if it meets the special demands of each client, the place where the vessel will reside , frequency and type of use.

  • We carry out the supervision of the execution of the project in the factory (USA / LATAM / Europe)
  • Advice on improvements in factory clothing (Modifications)
  • Conservation of the “Tropicalization” Concept of the boat

2. Improvements to the Yacht

Realization and / or supervision of special services for yacht improvements.

  • Systems and equipment update
  • Special modifications to the boat
  • Installation of new systems and / or mechanisms
  • Certifications and Documentary Updates

3. Representation and Nautical Procedures

Document process for yachts

  • Panama Canal transit
  • Renewal of Radio License and Navigation Patent
  • Processing of Temporary Navigation Permit

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