Yacht Survey

Yacht Survey

09 Ago. 18

Yacht inspection is an art that integrates several elements to consider, the methodology we employ is part of a passion we have for the registration we make for boats. Within the professionalism that we maintain, there are factors that influence the analysis mode of each case, challenges due to the difficulty that each inspection places, which become determining elements when calculating, and verifying conditions. The evaluation criteria we use consider factors that affect the exposed appreciations of each ship, the effects of the market as well as other aspects that we take into consideration, not only are documented in the Survey Report but, being a “conceptual” inspection, we were able to explain the origin of each appreciation or depreciation that results from it. The code of ethics that we maintain in the evaluation of each element is a guide and guarantee of compliance with a service that is delivered for review and scrutiny by interested parties. With the preservation of principles and values that we manage, we have achieved continuity for more than 10 years as a company and more than 15 as independent naval officers.

Our experience is based on monitoring and conducting inspections of larger vessels to comply with the Colombian maritime authority, where we taught under rigorous parameters of evaluation and conservation of the state inspection guidelines with compliance with the IMO security and protection standards. Already in service in Panama since 2010, we have been strengthening our capacities in the specialization for the pleasure craft line, of which we are pleased and pleased to continue operating as well as innovating in the attention of our inspection requirements.

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