Yacht Technical Management

Over the years, we have achieved a good experience based on passion and commitment to our projects and clients to create a new way of providing the best information, evidence and support to reinforce and clarify the criteria and recognize the actors involved. in the processes that lead to the possession and administrative management of a yacht, as well as the relationship with the parties that interact with it, such as the marina, insurer, suppliers and authorities.



With more than 10 years of experience in the technical administration of yachts of various sizes, we focus on the performance and operability of the equipment of each ship in order to achieve its availability and ability to operate with its respective supports in an orderly manner, conserving its value and record of the clients efforts as a good father.

Inspección por Daños

High quality

We have worked with various standards that have allowed us to filter the best philosophy and forge a solid criterion for the creation of reports and management in addition to the recommended base of information, used by custom in the international Yacht Survey associations.